Monday, June 4, 2018

Paestum, 2018

We landed at San Giovanni in mid-afternoon and sped north on the autostrada, bridges and tunnels, bridges and tunnels, mountains and valleys, mostly mountains, finally getting to Morano Calibro just before dark. We stayed at the same sosta as in May, but did not climb to the top of the town. Next morning we were off again, toward the Bay of Naples, but with a side-trip to old friend Paestum, another of the great sites of Greater Graecia and its Doric temples. Paestum is perhaps the best, Sicily notwithstanding, with three fairly intact temples, all in a row. Previous visits are at, and
A drive of hill- and mountain-top villages and towns

At Paestum, Temple of Athena, 500BC

Town meeting area

Among the extensive town ruins

Second Temple of Hera

First Temple of Hera

They were really into Hera; "if she ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" (ancient
Greek proverb)

The two Hera temples

Spare parts

Maybe not

Thought for the day (in the wonderful Paestum museum
gift shoppe)

Terrain around  Paestum

Including some formidable cliffs

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Wow! Those temples are amazing!