Friday, June 29, 2018

On To Dubrovnik

After 4 days and 5 nights in Split, we split from Split, driving mostly the tollway in the highlands, a beautiful modern highway, punctuated now and then by tunnels and high bridges, across some of the more desolate country we have see. Not Nevada-desolate--there was ample low vegetation, but the limestone was so pervasive and broken that agriculture was unthinkable. Understandably, there is little in the way of human habitation. Evenutally, we got off and took road back down on the coast, which is anything but undeveloped.
One of dozens of tunnels

Most with signage like this; apparently wolves and sometimes bears hang out
in the tunnels; and they have right of way

Dropping down to the lower country, we stopped at one of the innumerable
rows of stands selling honey, olive oil, fruits and vegges

Thus; indeed we stimulated the local economy

Note the witch's broom with seat and handle-bar

An impressively large and totally tilled valley

Now back along the coast

The inlets and bays look almost like fiords

Somewhere along this drive, a 5 mile strip of Boznia-Hertzagovina pokes into
the Croatian coast line; documents, please... 

Ample marine agriculture here and there, mostly mussels

We found the campground we were looking--Pod Maslinam--and then it
happened: the incident with the olive tree; so many of the campgrounds we
have stayed in the last two months have been in groves...olives, lemons, almonds,
oranges...all of them rather low to the ground, spreading trees; the campground
at Pod Maslinam had trimmed the trees a bit to accommodate RVs, but not
enough, at least not this one, which I bumped into; even a mild bump bent the
seam molding and separated it from the side wall; I worked on it for a while,
ascertained it was beyond my skill (and tools), and put as much hopefully water-
proof tape over it as I could; now we're looking for an RV body Croatia,
Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina...but carrying on

The campground is above a beach on the bay

One of gazillons of islands in the Adriatic off Croatia's coast

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