Saturday, June 30, 2018

On To Bosnia-Herzegovina

After our memorable lunch we hit the road again, climbing out of the Ria of Kotor to the heights above, on through some of Montenegro's highlands, and then into Boznia-Herzegovina. We stopped at Trebinije, partly to adjust and partly to get steps and partly to get some some B-H marks; and then drove on to a campground near Strolac.
Good-bye, Perast

And Our Lady on the Rocks

And Ria of Kotor mussel farms

And Ria of Kotor

In the Montenegrin heights, a goat attack

Welcome to Bosnia-Herzegovina
More mountains ahead

In Trebinije; oh my, not the 1st Baptist Church...

Its wall

War many wars in this land

City park

In the cathedral

Never miss a St. Mark

Another war memorial

At the "Heaven in Nature" auto camp near Stolac; the manager, Tarik, welcomed
us with coffee and a long conversation about the area and Bosnia-Hertzegovina;
a former taxi driver, with superb English; his brother served in the US Navy but
has now returned to B-H; Tarik further arranged parking for us in Mostar to see
the town; definitely not in Kansas, Todo, with this great hospitality

The beautiful clear river by the campground

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