Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Malta, 7: On To St. Julian's

On Wednesday, June 6th, we moved on to our new home, the Hotel Meridien, at St. Julian's, Balotta Bay, a bay or two north of Valletta, the capital, and its historic Grand Harbor. On the Big Island. Although by no means our first 5 star hotel, we spent the first few hours exploring and gawking, then dining and walking about the neighborhood.
Our hotel, the Meridien

Balotta Bay from one of our two balconies

Looking toward Valletta

Living area

Dining area and looking toward the entry hall


One of two bathroom suites; I spent the first hour or so muttering "we are not
worthy...we are not worthy," while Vicki, who does the finances, countered
"yes we are, yes we are"

Among many little extras

Enjoying an upgrade or two, we made ourselves familiar with the executive
lounge; snacks, hors d'ouvres, and especially...

The DIY bar

I used my time well, experimenting, comparing among Campari and sodas,
Aperol Spritzes, Negronis, and other such; Vicki focused on coconut rum
and milk, a tropical version of the Argentinian favorite, gin and milk

We ate that evening at a place called Wigi's, down the street, overlooking the
bay and a water polo match

My Moroccan lamb; the lamb was good, but somehow
they forgot to add the seasoning; I surmise the largely
British clientele keeps things ultra-bland

Her veal piccata; sort of

Mediterranean fries and ketchup

St. Julian's and the next bay north are apparently where the
action is, among younger people, including the natives; we did
our paseo there, enjoying the sights and sounds, etc.; also
checking out a molecular restaurant...

Perhaps a church converted to disco?

An M&S! Disappointingly, no clotted cream, however

Street scene

Hookah bars

And, sandwiched in among the casinos, clubs and such, a
marine massage parlor

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