Monday, June 18, 2018

Malta, 5: The Ggantija Temple Complex On Gozo

Some highlights from the temple complex at Ggantija, c. 3,500 BC...
Drone view...helpful model #456,289; five apses on the left, four on the right

Approaching, dorsal view

It's warm and sunny; not that bad, but we're taking refuge under a carob tree


Heritage Malta has done a wonderful job in displaying these sites and in
permitting access to them

So the thing here, if you're expecting Stonehenge, is that the rock is limestone;
it is easily worked; but it is easily weathered

One of the apses

One of the entry ways, looking back: finely worked orthostats

A wall in some danger of collapse; buttressed until they figure out how to save

How the ancients moved and set the gigantic stones is a mystery; some
theorize they used spherical stones, much like ball-bearings

Such stones appear in abundance at the various sites

Another apse

Another mystery is the holes in the big rocks...gigantic

And then there are these "rooms," post and lintel, finely worked; we'll see more
of such at the Hypogeum, in a few days

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