Saturday, June 16, 2018

Malta, 3: Gozo Archaeological Museum

Gozo's archaeological museum is located within the Cittadella. Much of it addresses the neolithic sites on the island but it addresses succeeding millennia as well.
Entrance to the museum; in a older palazzo in the Cittadella

Basic stuff

Neolithic implements

We're here basically for Malta's "temples," huge megalithic
structures roughly contemporaneous with Stonehenge,
Avebury, Carnac, and such, 4,000-6000 years old; no one
really knows whether they were "temples" in the parlance
of our times, or maybe something else we have lost the
capacity to understand...

Helpful model #459057; we'll see the remains of a six-apse temple when we
get to the Tarzxen site on the Big Island

Speculations concerning construction

We'll be visiting the Ggantija temple; next day

Later implements

Much later amphora (Greek, Punic, Roman...)

An ever-popular Anne Boleyn, in her guise as Aphrodite;
1st century AD copy of Greek original; wait, no...

Maybe I have seen too many museums

Creepy; you never know what's going to be inside an amphora

Ever more implements

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