Friday, June 22, 2018

Malta, 13: 50th Wedding Anniversary

We had agreed to do no touring on our wedding anniversary day. Just relax, reflect, and enjoy a good meal. Or two. Well, we did the warm-tub thing at the spa, Vicki  had a massage and facial, and I got a haircut. The best rated restaurant in the vicinity actually was the Meridien's restaurant, Taro, and we easily found things to like on the menu. It was a great anniversary day.
June 8th, 1968, First Christian Church, NE 4th St., Miami, Florida

On every one of our 50 anniversaries, Vicki has always brought one of the
candles from our wedding as well as napkins from the reception

We were ridiculously young; by today's standards

At Taro, on Malta, 50 years later

Onion soup with smoked cheese custard

Vicki's bifstecca fiorentino

My mixed shellfish marinieres...clams, mussels, prawns and
langoustines in a shallot and herb fumet


A ginger and coconut delice, with mango compote

And a little Hennessy's...

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