Thursday, June 21, 2018

Malta, 10: More Tarxien Temples

More of Malta's Tarxien Temples, one of the greatest of archaeological sites...see previous post for some background...
Business opportunity: dig a hole in the ground, put a barrier around it: people
will throw money into it for no apparent reason; maybe not lots of money, but
it adds up

Every night, scoop up the proceeds; but always leave a few
coins for "seed"; they also throw in credit cards, room keys,
pens and pencils, maybe even an's the limit

In an earlier post I speculated about the corballing of these structures: a growing
hypothesis: they were roofed in stone slabs, corbal-style

Walkway; the holes are a mystery, one of many

Neolithic painting? and lintel...

Obviously they had the post and lintel thing down good

But wait, there's more: lot's more: abstractions, spirals, animals...

And the "skirted" corpulent figure

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a
waterfall of creative alternatives..."...Rubens? Isolde? Brynhilde? Kate Smith?
Mama Cass? Mother Earth?

The carving, such as it is, is compelling; we'll see more at Malta's national
archaeological museum in a couple days

Among the mysteries--less so on Malta, where there is
everywhere nothing but limestone slabs--is how they moved
the big rocks and set them in place; they apparently didn't
have big timbers; some theorize they used round rock
rollers like these, found at all the sights, sort of as ball

Back inside the entrance office, an orthostat from one of
the temple entries with sketches of neolithic or at the latest
Bronze Age sea-going vessels; if so, the oldest such; I
couldn't see anything, but the next shot perhaps represents
what's there...pretty compelling stuff

Even with changes in sea levels and land bridges and such, Malta would be
pretty hard to get to without a boat

Unassuming entrance to one of the world's great megalithic sites

The street decor was no less mystifying

But the Hypogeum, perhaps the toughest ticket in all the megalithic world, was
not far away

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