Friday, June 29, 2018

Kotor; And Today's Geography Lesson

We drove on, now coastal, now highland, now coastal, into Montenegro, aiming for its coastal city of Kotor, at the end of the immense Gulf of Kotor. It is not actually a gulf, nor a bay, nor even a fiord, although that is what it most looks like. It is a ria, a river canyon that has been submerged by the rising sea. Or a sinking land mass, e.g., Britain. I had never heard of such a thing. But they are fairly common, and now I know I have seen quite a few, in Europe, the US, Australia, and especially in New Zealand, which has dozens, on both the big islands. Most of the southern coast of England is ria country. Bantry Bay, in Ireland, is another. So there is today's geography lesson. Travel is so enlightening.
Helpful map of the Ria of Kotor; as you drive around it from roughly left to
right it really does seem like a great Norwegian fiord; the big background
mountains certainly reinforce the view

On the other hand, it's warm and sunny, skimpily-dressed people are in and on
the water; this is definitely not Norway 

Kotor is another walled town, sometimes referred to as a mini-Dubrovnik; both
are World Heritage Sites; here is one of the lower parts of the wall, along a river

Much of the wall switch-backs its way up and then down the heights above
the city; rather fewer people walk the walls at Kotor than at Dubrovnik; we
certainly didn't

We were content to just wander the little wall-girt town, enjoying mostly the little

Cathedral of St. Tryphon

Spare parts all over the town, which is mainly Venetian in age, but bits of it
go back to Justinian and late antiquity

Fragments in a little chapel; 13th century, the lady said

A Last Supper?

Many old things to appreciate

Interior of one of the Orthodox churches; giant pictures of the Gospel writers

Dress code for orthodox churches: no fedoras!

Interior of another


The town pump

The camper parking was right on the water; 30E but nice
and quiet

Only a block from the walled city; we went in for a stroll after dark; the towers
of the upper wall are illuminated

Next morning we were awakened by announcements for the shore party,
outside our window

Early morning at the street market under another of the walls; I was out searching
for some prized Montenegrin prosciutto...

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