Monday, June 18, 2018

Malta, 6: Gozo Scenes

A main street...the thing to notice is all the balconies...

Mediterranean climate...warmer Mediterranean climate...
pretty much everything grows...maybe not Sitka Spruce

Most of the balconies are plain framed; some are rather more

After Ggantija, we decided to hop on the bus to Marsalforn, on the eastern
side, a newer development

At a restaurant there, associated with the Cafe Jubilee in Victoria; so is your
Pizza Hut certified by the Associazzione Verace Pizza Napolitana?! And why
not?! And why are you still eating there?!

My salmon salad

Her, um, Italian dish

Beach-side bench with table...don't think the resturateurs approve

It's in his genes...and more power to him

Among the many hill-top towns

Another narrow mountain-top track, another bus-to bus encounter

Scene of Mgarr harbor from our suite

Below the Gothic whatever down from the hotel

In Victoria the next day; I was there bright and early to score special tickets to
the Hypogeum...Racecourse Street

The entire Gozo Channel Lines fleet in action

Farewell to Grand Hotel Gozo, center; nice place

Arches and caves on Comino, the island between Gozo and Malta;; Comino is
officially uninhabited, except for the 10-50k tourists who visit daily; it has a
Blue Lagoon, but we have already seen two or three of those, right?

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