Friday, June 29, 2018

Dubrovnik: The Walls

The main (some would say the only) thing to do in Dubrovnik is to walk the city walls. They are a mile+ around, with many steps to ascend or descend. Dubrovnik is on a steep incline from the heights down to the sea. Anyhow, we got up early--to avoid doing the walk in the heat of the day and to avoids the crowds of the many cruise ships--and got the bus to town. We spent a long day there, in part because of some confusion about where the return bus stop was. But we did the walls and many other interesting and worthwhile things, myself in a bit of a funk because of the incident in the olive grove. Eventually I got over it. I am already over Dubrovnik.
It's not Positano but it is a a bit of a vertical place

9AM and already there's a line to get in; as many as 15,000 cruisers can
descend on Dubrovnik some days

A bit of the wall, from without

Part of the fun, as it were, is watching all the other people, groups, that is

And so we are now on high, on the walls, beginning our march, looking down
to an interesting fountain/ablution thing

Doing selfies

We were going to climb up to this fort toward the end of our visit; but then we

Rounding the first turn; for half the trudge, you can either look out to the sea

Or the other way into the city; we thought these might be victims of the 1991
Serbian/Montenegrin/Yugoslav army shelling; but no, it turned out to be from
a 17th century earthquake

Another typical interior view

"See Silver Spring in glass-bottom boats"

Flotilla of kayakers heading for the island with the nude beaches

Many, many little alleys

Hobbit futbol field

Jacob's ladder

Typical wall scene

So much so it's actually a thing

Now we're about half-way around, looking into the marina; if glass-bottom
boats are not your taste, you can always go with the yellow or red submarines

At some point, you begin to realize most of whar there is to look at is the
terra cotta roofing of the old city; non-matching tiles indicate repairs where
the shells landed...

Another thing to do is take the cable car up the hill...for the view; but we prefer
our terra cotta roofing closer up

The wall walk is such a challenge for many of the visitors that first-aid stations
are located in half a dozen places around the 1.2 mile circuit

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Tawana said...

Wes walked the walls...needless to say, I did not! I only saw photos after the fact!