Friday, June 29, 2018

Cilipi Folk Dancing

Vicki is the folk dancing fan among us, but I have learned, after 25 years or so (starting with Ballet Folklorico in Mexico City), that it's always a good bet, for edification and entertainment, even if you're as inept a dancer as I am. After our time in Dubrovnik, we set forth for Kotor, in Montenegro, stopping along the way for the Sunday morning folk music and dancing at the village of Cilipi.
Not sure what this is about, but it is really old

The church and tower; inside they were having communion

Including first communion for all these kids

Anyhow, in the big square in front of the church, the music begins, after a
welcome by the mistress (Ms?) of ceremonies

I think this may have been the hankie dance

After the adults dance a bit, the kids come on for a few sets

The audience--six tour buses of mostly Germans ("ja, ja, ja") and Nederlanders
("nay, nay nay"), plus a variety of Indies and lots of Croatians--are loving it

Waiting in the wings

For her role, escorting the wedding couple in their promenade, throwing
candies to the throng; alas, they were hard candies, and this one hit Vicki's
phone just as she was video-ing the proceeding; but no harm done

Drinking the wedding toast

He later becomes the caller in what I swear was square-dancing

To the tune of this guy playing the lijerica, I think

Open dancing ends the show

Before leaving we take in the local museum; also the "welcome drink," a jigger
of a local sweet fortified wine

Large paintings upstairs

A museum of mostly textiles and Croatian embroidery

Mostly because the local embroidery teacher and collector donated her large
collection to the museum

Munch, munch, munch....couldn't believe how noisy these critters are...

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Tawana said...

Great photos! I'm with Vicki!