Friday, June 29, 2018

Beautiful Restaurant: Konoba Catovica Mlini

Mostly it's the food, but sometimes a restaurant's setting or ambiance pushes it over the top. Such was Konoba Catovica Mlini, up the road a bit from Pestar, and which we'd read about from Rickie Stevie. (Our search, in the Balkans, for an English guidebook to the Balkans, turned out to be futile, and so we just downloaded the most recent (2016) version of Rickie Stevie's guide to Croatia/Slovenia; it has proved more than adequate, although doing a guidebook on the phone or Kindle has been a trial).
It did not start well: we followed the GPS and the signs, but the road led to an
underpass we could not pass under; we parked, and I set forth on foot to reconnoiter

The resto was just around the corner a couple hundred meters;
but things did not improve when I saw the menu--every
item was seafood! Vicki does not eat seafood, although she
has often sacrificed on my behalf...; I walked back to tell her
the news, but she was already determined to try the place

The underpass turned out to be a defunct mill in an area studded with the clearest
of springs--all only a couple hundred meters from the Adriatic

One enters through a forest of bamboo

And we were shortly seated with this view and presented a fuller menu that
worked just fine

The place was gorgeous, atmospheric

Nearly all the seating is outside; in a climate that rarely goes below 50 degrees
F, why sit inside?

The salads were 2E and 4E

Her pasta carbonera...maybe 10E

Me, suitably attired for the mussels, maybe 10E

Thus, and cooked just right...although with perhaps the most garlic I've ever
seen on a dish...except for a roasted bulb, maybe

A local cake thing we shared for dessert

Just wandering around the place

Inside dining under the barrel vaulting

Not to miss!

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Tawana said...

What a place! Amazing!