Sunday, June 10, 2018

2 1/2, Part The Second

Our day in Rome continued...see previous post for explanation...
St. Mary Maggiore, one of the four papal churches, 4th
century, updated now and then

Inside; sort of like St. Paul Without the Walls, though not nearly so immense

Holy Crib of JHC

I like Mary Maggie, even with its far away, nearly invisible
and poorly lit mosaics; Vicki is not so keen

Central apse half dome: "Atta' girl, Mom!"

"Two...four...six...eight...time to transubstantiate!"

Love the feather dancers and the Evil Eye

Probably rather old tower...just walking around

Through the ruins of Trajan's Baths

Resting in a pretty piazza

Interestingly named

Near the colossal building

Vicki's pizza at Naumachia; I had the usual Napoli

The accursed San Clemente

Street scene

Nice old palazzos/hotels all around

Tropical habit

On a nearly invisible outside porch of Mary Maggie, a
presumably very old Pantokrator


Tawana said...

Finally sat down and caught up on your blog. Loved all the Sicily, Naples, and Pompeii photos. Thought it would take too long to comment on each one since I was so far behind!

Mark said...

You have been missed. But I know you have more pressing responsibilities...and V and I are envious of your on-going g-parent time!