Wednesday, December 7, 2016


So there we were, walking up NY Ave., after a visit to the hardware store, minding our own business, when we notice that the place begins crawling with police vehicles and black SUVs, and all the side streets, including I-395, are blocked off, and, quicker than you'd think, NY Ave. is utterly clear as far as the eye can see see, either way, except for the slowly approaching motorcade.

I was this close to LBJ (riding in an open convertible) in 1964,
on Biscayne Blvd., and actually shook hands and spoke with
George H. W. Bush (the Good Bush) in 1992; I was glad for
this close encounter with Obama, one of that handful of US
presidents I very much admire

Sic transit, Gloria

We learned later that the POTUS and FLOTUS were going
to the veterans' home in north DC to serve Thanksgiving
dinner to the residents there

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Tawana said...

Somehow I don't think Donald and Melania will be serving dinner to the veterans!