Wednesday, December 7, 2016

National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian

A customs agent in the Ronald Reagan building urged us to visit the NPG, observing that it was much more than just portraits. Indeed, it was. Although close to Rachel's, it had been closed for renovations for many years, and thus we'd not seen it. We finally made it and enjoyed the NPG greatly, both the great old building (originally the US Patent Office) and the Smithsonian and other collections.
Rosa Parks...


The last photo of Lincoln

Automotive Industry, Marvin Beerbohm

First great American inventor

Morse, who was originally a portrait painter (seriously)

Among the many Caitlins

Headless horseman

Part of the interior at the NPG

70s art, Nam June Paik's Electronic Superhighway
Grant and His Generals

A gigantic Moran Yellowstone, done originally for a Chicago
world fair

More contemporary video art (gimme that

Thomas Hart Benton, Achelous and Hercules

Edward Shinn...easily mistaken for you know who

Nice stained glass, John Le Farge's Peacocks
and Peonies

GW, before his...

Apotheosis...a study for the Capitol dome

Take a picture of this, she said

First four female Justices

Captain Sam

Hideous portrait of Clinton

Among James Hampton's works at the NPG

I've seen these quite a bit recently

Fellow Miamian Purvis Young's The Struggle

In the gift store, thinking very evil thoughts

Another great place

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Our football stadium is named the Don Reynolds Razorback Stadium. I guess you can buy your name on almost anything.