Tuesday, December 6, 2016

National Gallery Of Art, 2016

Another day we walked to the National Gallery of Art, visiting a bunch of old friends and making a few new ones.
In the East Building, an exhibit of 20th century art from a
major historic gallery

Aerial view of the spiral jetty

In the tunnel 

We never miss a Penelope, this one by Gari

Also never miss books

One of Edward Hick's many Peaceable Kingdoms

Never miss a Turner


Nor a Watteau

Nor a Fragonard, reading

Or swinging

Or a Morrissey, reading

Or especially a Van Eyck, reading; we always
wonder what the Queen of Heaven/Mother of
God (to be) was reading; was she into
whodunnits? romances?

Or even a weird Botticelli painting of Giuliano
Medici, a rival for the affections of Simonetta


Tawana said...

Medici has quite a profile.

Rebecca said...

Love that painting of books!