Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Waddesdon House: Interior

Some interior shots of the house...
Note chandelier, too

Interesting seating arrangement for piano

Typical furniture

Moody Judy, by Sir Josh; the Baron was a
widower and had the place decorated in dozens
of portraits of young women, mostly Reynolds

High point of the tour, for me...a real Watteau!

In addition to chandeliers, portraits of beautiful
women, porcelain, etc., the Baron also collected
clocks; time is money, I guess...

A real Teniers...


The rug from Napoleon's chapel

"Best always, Alex"

Guest room

Belonged to Marie Antoinette or some other French ex-royalty

Note chandelier

Just a bit of the knife and gun club

Olympic-sized billiards (note spectator seating on left)

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