Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Waddesdon House: Exterior

Here's the story: in the 1870s, rich guy builds fancy faux French chateau as weekend party-house for London friends and business associates and accessorizes it with the usual priceless treasures, art, furniture, whatever; also a nice cellar, since relatives are in the wine business; landscapes it nicely to match the rest. The rich guy is Baron Ferdinand Rothschild. We had to see it since, hey, it's French, and Ascott, the other Rothschild house here in Rothschildshire, was a bit frustrating, allowing no interior fotos. I made up for this at Waddesdon (pronounced "Wad's done"), alas, and going through the couple hundred photos of a place I really didn't like all that much has been a chore. Unwilling to give any more thought to photo selection, I am just going to do Waddesdon in several posts and be done with it. Enjoy!
Partial frontal view (the large service building is off the the left) 
Stables, now housing shoppes (Waddesdon has almost as many
shoppes as Vatican City) and a gallery

Walking around toward the back

Back side

Partial dorsal view

Tres French, oui? Oh la la...

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