Saturday, October 10, 2015

Missoula, Fall, 2015

Missoula is a great place to live--some of our very best years were here, 1995-2008; and, of all the places we've lived, it's probably the one place we'd consider returning to should we ever settle down. But it's not so great to visit. Unless of course you've lived here and have friends and memories, and can appreciate all the many charms and quirks and overall goofiness of the place. ("Missoula. A place. Sort of"). We've been here nearly two weeks on this visit, staying with friends, with Uncle Sam (Walton), and others, mostly going through our storage unit in East Missoula, culling, donating, selling on eBay and Craigslist, and getting ready for a garage sale...well, a sale on the grounds of Ole's truck stop on route 200 in East Missoula. We'll be here another week, at least, but will finally do some fun, recreational things soon.
At our favorite campground in Missoula, on Mullan Road; I
always try to park right under the "no overnight camping" signs,
which are universally ignored both by management and the many
RVs passing through; the place is actually famous, in some
peculiarly Missoulian sense, as the subject of the High Plains
Films documentary This Is Nowhere
which I remember laughing at, years ago; and now, here I am,
there, nowhere, blogging about a garage sale at a truck stop...

Skull trees...something new to me...out near
Phillipsburg, where

We bought a used snowmobile trailer, another of Vicki's
screamin' deals, although it looks like it's going to require a
little work...

At our storage unit in East Missoula, loaded up for the
Saturday "yard" sale at the truck stop


After; well, after the trips to ReStore and
Goodwill, after the sale; we did OK, and
particularly enjoyed seeing other people
haul the junk away; plus there's still more
for eBay and Craigslist

Among our more interesting customers

Closer up; look for our Smokey Bear bobble-head on eBay

Seems like wherever we go, Google is there to assist with the

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