Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cascade Canyon

And another day, we took the boat across Jenny Lake and hiked up old friend Cascade Canyon...
Our boat, the Beaver Dick Leigh (named for trapper/mountain
man  Dick Leigh, who guided the the 1892 Hayden Expedition;
Jenny Lake is named for his wife

Cascade Canyon divides some of the principal peaks and
massifs of this tiny range; here, Storm Point, Ice Point, and
Symmetry Spire, on the north side

And here, on the left, the Grand, and Mt. Owen

At the head of the canyon, Rock of Ages (cleft for me); check
out the ridge, about 2/3's to the left, for the arch/window; at
this point, reports were coming back of a bull moose on the
trail; all the hikers with their assault cameras hastened on
to get photos; we have seen enough of these animals, close
enough, and so we turned back...

North side of the canyon, the south side of Hanging Canyon,
and many pinnacles

Back side of Teewinot summit and Crooked Thumb

Large animal scat

Looking up Valhalla Canyon, surrounded by
the Grand, Teewinot, and Mt. Owen; 
waterfalls, "perennial" snowfields...

Up closer

Us, in Cascade Canyon, taken by a nice couple from Red
Lodge, who've been doing the Tetons even longer than we

Sunday morning we awoke to squalls and decided to head on
north through Yellowstone to Montana; more squalls at Old
Faithful and a monumental traffic jam en route to Norris
shortened our Yellowstone visit to a drive-through from West
Yellowstone down the Gallatin; and we finally arrived in the
Bozone in mid-afternoon; back, finally, in Montana!

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