Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Return To Our Regularly-Scheduled Programming; Or, An Anti-Clockwise Circumnavigation Of Jenny Lake, 2015

So we left the Green River Lakes area, not without incident, and headed out toward Hoback Junction and then Jackson, and lunch at Bubba's, and then an over-night at the Gros Ventre campground and then a removal early the next morning to Signal Mountain campground, our base of operations in the Tetons for this visit. Surprisingly, in later September, the Teton campgrounds are still pretty full, especially the closer-in ones. After setting up, we drove to very old friend Jenny Lake, and did the 7-mile walk around the lake, counter-clockwise, with afternoon light and beautiful weather.
The incident: driving out of the Green River opening...

I have dealt with cows before, one or two in the road, but
never a whole big unescorted herd; but then I remembered my
New Zealand training and experience with sheep...just wade
in slowly, 3-5 mph, and they will move...stop, and they will 

"Share the road, human!"

Cascade Canyon view from Jenny Lake: Teewinot, Mt. Owen,
Storm Point, Ice Point, Symmetry Spire, Mt. St. Johns...

Teewinot, the Grand Teton just peeking out,
and Mt. Owen

As we approach String Lake, Mt. Moran; note protruding black
diabase dike

Symmetry Spire, with its prominent cleft

Cathedral View from String Lake outlet:
Teewinot, the Grand, and Mt. Owen

Eureka!...the unmarked and unmaintained trail
up to Hanging Canyon, from which one climbs
Symmetry Spire, Mt. St. Johns, and numerous
other peaks and spires; a trail I hiked a bit in
the 70s and 80s

Now on the south side of the lake, Symmetry Spire and Mt. St.

Makings of a good trail

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