Monday, August 24, 2015

Return To America, 2015

American/US Air got us from Brussels to Philadelphia in an aging 757 not even remotely equipped for transatlantic service; and then from Philadelphia to Knoxville on the usual puddle-jumping short-hopper. We mostly read, but I did watch a few minutes of TBL (Dude) on my computer. It's a spiritual thing. In Knoxville, Vicki's sister Marie and husband Norm picked us up and treated us to a long weekend of hospitality, great food and drink, and family entertainment, the latter provided by their daughter Stacey's two sons, James and Jason. Both pretty incredible boys. On Monday, United flew us, at length, from Knoxville to Chicago to San Francisco and our Middle California base, the driveway in front of daughter Rebecca's house in Menlo Park. The attraction of Middle California, of course, is grand-daughter Penelope, who is about to begin pre-kindergarten. Our days since mostly have been occupied with her, at Fairyland in Oakland, camping at Casa de Fruta near Hollister, and then a marvelous day with Mama at Gilroy Gardens. School starts tomorrow, and grandma and grandpa can finally finish unpacking and reorganizing back into their American camper, the Bigfoot.
Norm, Stacey, Jason, James, and Marie...thanks, again

P at Fairyland

Teaching the little ones proper affection for Snow White

And, with Grandma and Mama, at Gilroy Gardens

An amusement park I very much liked

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Tawana said...

Glad you made it back to the USA. Happy adventures!