Sunday, August 16, 2015

France Out-takes, 2015, I

More amazing, amusing pix from France, 2015...
You find defibrillators right out on the street
here and there

American culture is everywhere; well, you
don't see much light beer, our major contribution
to cuisine

On the lawn of a monument, some kind soul has placed plastic
flowers on all of the dog poop mounds

In Deauville, a pizza vending machine; in
operation only during high season

Interesting cafe table

In case you've ever wondered what 35E of dog poop looks like

In a barber shop in Fecamp...a large model of the Bismarck/

Only cupcake shop we saw still in business

Hazards of harbor fishing

59 different colors

Camping with rabbits in Honfleur

Municipal signage in Deauville; possible interpretations...
no male topless dancing, no topless males, no topless male
singing and dancing...

Baba in the little syringes of rum

Double-decker chair in Caen church

Sort of

Cool chair covers

No smoking apartment in St. Malo

Helluva party

And you think you're reno was bad...

The French abhor empty space and will fill it with nearly
anything and call it sculpture

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These are great!