Sunday, August 16, 2015

France Out-takes, 2015, II

Continuing the amazing and amusing...
Interesting house/porches near Fontaine-Henry

Meteo on the street in Caen

Lawn ornaments near Utah Beach

Message on a German gun emplacement: "Who changes the
children, changes the world"

Gun battery in Cherboug: Sic transit, Gloria

Normandie humor

One sees rather few home-built rigs in's one

Your bones are being evicted from this cemetery

So you've pulled into a parking lot at a scenic overlook and are
admiring the sights when up rides a bicycliste/asshole to
exercise his male rights just outside your front windshield...

Medieval pizza maker in Vitre

French hot dog

Ingredients for Kouign Aman...Food of Satan

What happens when you fall asleep reading

Sic transit, Gloria

Clock tower in Amiens

Belt and suspenders approach

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