Saturday, August 15, 2015

Doullens And St. Pierre's

We stopped on the way from Amiens to Lille at the pretty and lively little town of Doullens. The aire de camping-cars there only has four places, but it is clean and quiet and close to everything. On one of my customary reconnaissance walks, I noticed the abandoned church of St. Pierre. If you're looking for an authentic 13th century Gothic fixer-upper church that it is really in relatively good shape, considering, this may be for you.
St. Pierre's parish church, apparently deconsecrated

But not forgotten, at least by the monuments commission

The roof appears largely intact, at least over the main arcade

Building a porch and entrance may be something of a challenge;
plus there are hundreds of pigeons to relocate...but hey, how many
people do you know who have renovated a 13th century Gothic?

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Tawana said...

A real fixer-upper.