Monday, September 8, 2014

Washington, DC Out-Takes

We took the American/US Air red-eye from SFO to DCA (via JFK) on August 21st-22nd, moving our act from Middle California to the Middle Atlantic, to stay with daughter Rachel and her husband Will--in their mother-in-law suite--until our new camper is finished. The camper is a Tiger Adventure Vehicle, a Bengal TX, or somesuch, being built with modifications too numerous to detail, or even contemplate, near Columbia, SC. Our plan was for it to be ready for pick-up in mid-August, but, obviously, that didn't happen, and we are here in DC, comfortably but very impatiently awaiting news of the camper or even of the arrival of the Chevy 1-ton truck it will be built on. Too much walking in Paris resulted in Vicki's getting the Fascist Planter's disease, so she's staying off her feet, and we're staying pretty close to home, especially on those wonderful Washington days when the temps are in the upper 90s.
Sun rise on the east coast

The flight was OK until someone decided to change the route
from JFK to DCA but neglected to add fuel to the plane;
fortunately, the crew figured it out (are the margins that thin?)
and after taxi-ing back to the terminal and adding another
thousand pounds of fuel and letting half a dozen passengers
and their luggage off in order to avoid missing connections,
or re-routing them entirely, we finally took off, arriving at
DCA only a couple hours late

The near-north neighborhoods where Rachel lives are undergoing
considerable change, especially the building of high-rises; and
in some cases, the removal of smaller buildings to make way...


DC's old Carnegie library, pictured here because we have already
spent considerable time in DC and other libraries here...

DC libraries have their own police force; we suspect this is
not because of over-dues...

At the Library of Congress' 14th annual National Book Festival;
I attended quite a few of these in my working days; here NEA's
Amy Stolls introduces the contemporary fiction panel

Hitherto, and sometimes very unpleasantly, the national
festival was held outdoors, on the Mall; this year it was indoors,
at the Washington Convention Center; fun for me, not because
I attended any of the scores of sessions, but because I got to
see a few old friends...John Cole of the LOC, Maggie Coval from
Colorado, and Alice Meister from Montana

Under heavy guard from the Junior League of DC, Billy Collins

Outside the downtown've heard of the doc-in-a-box...
this is the dentist-on-wheels

Labor Day Sunday we drove down to see Dave
and Holly's Tardis, a Tiger similar to what ours
someday will be; in Chesapeake, VA

With the arrival of Vicki's sister Marie for a 4-day visit, we
undertook a variety of interesting American retail experiences;
here, they are at the colossal two-story American Girl store
at Tyson's Corner; American Girl apparently is what you
graduate to right after the Disney/Princess phase, so I expect
I'll be seeing a lot more of these stores in the future

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