Thursday, September 11, 2014

"America's Largest RV Show"

At length we figured out it merely bills itself as America's largest RV show (, but it was still pretty large, and we're glad we drove up to Chocolate City (Hershey, PA) and its Giant Centre to do the show. (Thanks, Rachel and Will, for use of the car, again). We've already made our decisions and commitments about our next camper, a Tiger Bengal TX 4x4 ( only it would ever get built!--so we mainly looked at accessories, new ideas, and services for RVers at the show, trying to keep the impatience and frustration in check.
A look at the expanse of rigs...

The accessory sales were mostly inside the Giant Centre arena

Thus; I wonder if the home team is called the Chocolatiers?

My role in these expeditions is to document all
the new or otherwise interesting items, many of
them gadgets or gimmicks not sold in stores
nor seen on television; for further consideration

Thus; incredibly, we spent most of the day at
the show and bought nothing

We would have bought this cute camping high
chair, but P is too old for it now

I don't think think we'll be working for Amazon during the
winters, despite its being very fulfilling work (nyuk, nyuk,
nyuk); their table was generally shunned so far as I could see

Martin the Geico Gecko was there

Finally, a decent-sized flask (from a savvy new
company called Grass Haven; from CO, of course)

The only vehicle that really interested us was this Sportsmobile
all-terrain Fuso, a prototype of which we had seen a few years
ago in CA; obviously we're not into slide-outs, outdoor entertainment
centers, hook-ups, or KOAs, etc.; has a Mercedes 3-liter diesel and
gets 17mpg, we were told; just 22 feet long; $240k

Vicki examines the escape package...for digging yourself out
of mud, sand, snow, quicksand, lava...

One can go into a swag frenzy at these shows, but this time I
restrained myself and came back with merely a few "useful" items 


Rebecca said...

OMG we just bought a Vegetti! Isn't that the worst name? But we want to try the zucchini pasta. :)

Stacey Thienel said...

Begetting would be great for picky eater Jason-- except he has no desire for spaghetti either!

Stacey Thienel said...

Auto correct! ! Vegetti

Austin Hawkins said...

Wow! That is definitely one big RV show! It must've been so fun seeing a lot of different models in one place. I just hope you had the chance to look around, and see how everyone else's rigs are built these days. Thanks for sharing the fun, Mark! Take care! :)

Austin Hawkins @ Champion Trailers