Friday, July 25, 2014

Pantheon, 2

Continuing my tour of the Pantheon...
The largest of the heroic sculptures is placed where the altar
would be in the church...the National Convention, where
things really got rolling in 1792

More heroic sculpture...and St. Genevieve paintings

Finally, you descend to the crypt, where
Voltaire welcomes you...

And Rousseau

A Resistance fighter of note; and a writer and
minister of cultural affairs of note...the man
responsible for so much preservation of
French architecture, culture, etc.

Thus; will someone please explain to me the significance
of the cat?

Pierre and Marie Curie

Hugo and Dumas



Louis Braille...yes, the little yellow strip is en Braille


In the crypt

Back on the main floor, looking up to the main cupola--alas,
Foucault's Pendulum (replica) has been taken down for the
period of renovation

What it would normally look like

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