Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace

The Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace street exhibition occupies one whole side of Luxembourg Gardens, and we walked along it looking at each of the scores of stunning photos--contemporary photographs of places where WWI battles occurred--and reading the provided texts. All wars are hideous, but WWI was particularly so. The contrasts between the lands now and the horrors that occurred on them a century ago are manifest in the great photography by Michael St. Maur Shiel. The exhibit is British in origin and will be traveling internationally in the next four years--perhaps coming to a city near you. Don't miss it. Or, just have a good look at the website.
It goes on for hundreds of meters

La Boiselle Crater, in the Somme; much of trench warfare
was tunneling beneath the enemy and then demolishing his
trenches and tunnels with tons of high explosives--the
explosions of which could be heard in London 

An aerial view of trenches and craters at Beaumont-Hamel,

Sambre-Oise canal, where the poet Wilfred Owen (and
hundreds of others) died a couple weeks before the war's
end..."dulce et decorum est..."

Fort Douamont, of many WWI sites we have
visited over the years...Vimy Ridge being the most recent

A cemetery at Verdun

More of the exhibition

In a side-bar, the future American president, Harry Truman

A moving and eminently worthwhile exhibit

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