Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Au musée d'Orsay

Sunday was first Sunday (free) for most of the national museums, and we had saved the D'Orsay and its Van Gogh/Artaud exhibit for the occasion. The D'Orsay has an unfortunate no fotos policy with which I more or less complied. More or less.
The Van Gogh/Artaud exhibit was a truly wonderful
collection of the artist's later works, attempting to
illustrate Artaud's thesis that Van Gogh had been
"suicided" by society; fortunately, you don't have
to buy Artaud's theory to appreciate the exhibit; it
(Artaud) is another example of French logique ("the
complete absence of reference to the work Foucault
demonstrates the all-pervasiveness of his thought")

For me, the D'Orsay is another place where the building is
nearly as interesting as the collection

Vicki and I do Impressionism at different paces, but agreed
to meet here in the middle of our visit

Not surprisingly, this was the one painting
Grandma wanted a photo of, a Renoir tea
party; Maman later observed the little girl
had the forearms of a steel-worker

Fortunately, they don't seem to mind your taking pix from
the museum

One of the truly great up-cyclings

Bourgereau's Les Oreades, 1902, otherwise
known as "In your dreams, fauns and satyrs!"

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