Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Volterra 1

Volterra is one of the older Tuscan hill towns, a member of the Etruscan League, with plenty of Roman remains as well. It has its share of tourists, but mostly independent travelers like us. We liked it sufficiently well to stay a couple days and nights.
Volterra main piazza and Palazzo dei Priori,
said to be the oldest public administration
building in Tuscany; setting up for a crossbow
tournament to be covered in a subsequent post

12th century duomo

Very dark inside and no Divine Illumination

The main reason we came to Volterra (other
than to see another nice, untrammeled
Tuscan hill town, one that seems to be 
coping gracefully with its fame): Rosso 
Fiorentino's Deposition from the Cross
widely regarded as the beginning of 
Mannerism (think Michaelangelo and pals); 
in the Pinacoteca

Closer up

Also Ghirlandaio's Christ in Glory, with its
two adoring Etruscan goddesses

In the fine little Etruscan museum

Etruscan gold work

Me and mini-me

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