Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Siena Duomo

The Siena Duomo is surely one of the greatest of cathedrals;
Wagner said it was the most inspiring buidling he had ever
seen and based the stage design of Parsifal's Temple of the
Holy Grail on it; of course, he really didn't travel all that much


Interior; even with hundreds or thousands of visitors, it is one
of those buildings that fascinates

Ceiling of the Piccolomini Library, one of
several side chapels

The Library celebrates the life of Pope Pius II
and is covered with Pinturrichio's giant
1509 frescoes

Michaelangelo's sculptures of Peter (above),
Paul, Gregory, and Pius, are almost lost
among all the other masterpieces

One of Siena's more notable features is the prominence of
in-laid marble scenes all over the main floor; here, the
slaughter of the innocents; elsewhere, a dozen Sibylls; and
more biblical scenes

The 13th century pulpit, by Pisano and the
father/son team of Arnolfo and Giovanni di

Detail: damnation (of course)

Ceiling; the effect of the light is very different
from, say, Chartres, but no less engaging


In a chapel on the south side, four Bernini
sculptures, including his exquisite St. Jerome


Closer up

The nave is lined with busts of all the popes, into the 13th
century (the pattern repeats, however)...

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