Thursday, June 23, 2011

San Croce

Our last major site in Florence was the San Croce church, another vast church building, this one something of Italy's Westminster Abbey.

"Oh God, not another cathedral?!"

The facade is 19th century

The rest 14th, including a chapel by Brunelleschi

And all the shrines and occasional tombs: here,


Galileo; never had anything to do with
Florence as far as I know

Dante (exiled from Florence; mortal remains in Ravenna)

Michaelangelo (design by Vasari)



Rossini ("Hi-ho, Silver!!!")


Among the great art at San Croce, Donatello's
wood crucifixion, a work so realistic it
frightened its original audiences

Many beautiful della Robbias

In the Capella de' Pazzi; gotta look this one
up, which we liked but did not note

A&W root beer was popular even in the 14th century

"Look, ma, no hands!"


Tawana said...

I love all your irreverent humor and hope that you don't get struck by lightning for posting it, and that I don't get struck by lightning for enjoying it! Wes and I have loved all those cathedrals as we have traveled, but our friend, Diana, often has the same response, "Not another cathedral!"

Mark said...


No lightning strikes yet, and I always give the gods good opportunities when hiking in the mountains. Vicki censors the worst of it. Well, most of the worst of it. I'm thinking of a book of irreverent humor/religious art, entitled "A Knave in the Nave." Thinking of you all, all the time.