Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pisa: the Touristy Stuff

We can't remember whether this is our third or fourth visit to Pisa. First time you go to see the leaning thing. Second time you go to show the kids, who, in our case, actually got to go up to the top: one of our treasured family photos. Third time, for old time's sake. Fourth: well, really, for the Buffalmacho frescoes in the cemetery, but that's another story, or post.
First view of the Field of Miracles, the Baptistry and beyond

Cathedral and tower


Other tourists; I have often thought an interesting photo
book might be one of all the silly poses people undertake at
such sights...


Yes, even after all the repairs of the past two
decades, it really does lean, disturbingly

Recylcing stones on the cathedral

Cathedral facade...its own style, Pisa Romanesque...begun in
1073...that's way old for Europe...

Interior; people who are too stupid to dress
appropriately get these attractive little
disposable wraps to wear...

In 1073, we were still very much under the
Byzantine influence

Pantokrator and all

Pulpit by the same team that did Siena

Nice, swirling Ascension dome, however

In the huge Baptistry, which also leans, though
not as perceptibly

The Bapistry has an incredible 10 second echo; I went up to
the balcony and sang a couple bars of "Stranger in the night,
some people say I'm stranger in the night," but Vicki, below,
at one o'clock, claimed she couldn't hear me; I think it was
another case of SHDS (Spousal Hearing Deficiency

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