Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1,000 Days Since Embarcation

So we drove on, eventually landing at a rare Italian lay-by, with
a view even

Next morning we drove up to our next stop, Volterra

Looking at our website, as we do every few months, we
noticed this (Saturday) was our 1,000th day since
embarcation, according to the counter gadget there installed

So we hiked up the stairs from Volterra's
(free) camper-stop, took in a bit of the
beautiful old town (more later) and

And enjoyed a memorable lunch, wine and bruschetta with
tomatoes, and

Sausage pizza for Vicki and wild boar in
sausage, olive and onion sauce with little polenta
cakes for me; reflecting on our 1,000 days of
travel since September of 2008, and the
next 1,000 days...

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