Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roman Roamin' IV

So Vicki arrived at Ostiense station, from Fiumicino,
per my directions, at about 13:30, Sunday, May 8; I
had been waiting at Binario 11, per our understanding, since
13:00; thrilled to be re-united, we took the Metro and bus back
to Laurentina and the campground, where, after valiantly
unpacking following a 20 hour trip, and 9 hours off schedule,
she crashed...

Next day, however, in jet-lag denial, we were out in central
Rome; she wanted to see the Pantheon again, something
I am always willing to do...

And the church of St. Mary Supra Minerva,
with an elephant obelisk (just like in Sicily) out
front; we conjecture the "supra" meant built
over a temple to Minerva; but it might mean
Mary superceding Minerva, which also fits

With its very, very forgettable Christ Bearing the
Cross, by Michaelangelo

But a moving scene of devotion

Not moved for long, we are back at the priestly
vestments store

Priestly undies (if you have ever wondered
about such things)

Marcus Aurelius' column; another of the good

Another detail of which

Every town has its eyesores; most  towns are nothing but
eyesores; but in Rome even the eyesores can look good in the
right light

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