Monday, May 23, 2011

Porta Portese

For our last day in Rome we ventured out to the Sunday flea market at Porta Portese, near Trastevere, a walk along the Tiber, and associated sights.
The Tiber, the Island, and the 2,000 year-old Roman bridge

Sometimes the sights are just other people, other tourists,
including a young couple carrying a blow-up kangaroo down
the Via Lungoterre Anguillara

They're from Australia (duh) and the roo's name
is Skip; "he goes everywhere with us"

They simply close off one of the big boulevards for the weekly
Porta Portese market, it goes on and on, for nearly a mile, I
would guess; unfortunately, it's almost entirely the cheap crap
that most flea markets world-wide consist of nowadays; there
were a few items of interest nonetheless

The Native American shoppe

The vege-matic shoppe; actually, multi-bladed scissors

The Americano license plate shoppe

And the army surplus shoppe

Vicki by the Piramide

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