Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Orvieto Duomo

Maybe it was the change of pace from the architecture one sees in Rome and in the south, but we really enjoyed the Duomo in Orvieto...

Gothic! and zebra stripes too!

The great facade; the reliefs on the lowest level
warrant their own post; so we'll go inside this
magificant 13th-15th century cathedral


Although there is some traditional stained glass
in the chancel and elsewhere, most of the
windows are done in translucent alabaster

Gotta' have a relic; this the 13th century altar cloth onto
which blood fell from a consecrated host, thus "proving"
the (recent, 1215) theory of transubstantiation

But what we liked best was the Nuova Cappella, and Luca
Signorelli's 1499-1504 fresco cycle of the Last Judgment
(and damnation, etc.)

They should have had Signorelli do the Sistine Chapel
judgment; IMHO

Alas, the frescoes are up pretty high in the chapel, and I had
to hurry the photos too; there are good representations on the
web; oh yes, the ceiling and other work is by Fra Angelica,
and, fittingly, there are many representations of Dante in the
lower tiers; an amazing place

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