Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Orvieto 2

Nice bench

Umbrian and Tuscan towns are often divided traditionally into
quarters, each with their own emblems, identities, etc.

In an old palazzo, now an apartment buidling I think

Umbrian countryside

Cat, dog, and kid--always an entertaining combination

View from the ramparts

Orvieto's great well and cistern; for a few euros you can walk
down and back up the 200 steps

A Train of Great Velocity (as the French call it) bullets toward

The camper-stop was sandwiched between not one but two sets
of tracks, the Trains of Great Velocity and the Trains of Not So
Great Velocity; although I was prepared with my earplugs, they
seemed not to run through the night; maybe there was a strike...

Us at Orvieto, taken by a couple from Lewiston, ID,
practically neighbors

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