Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Orvieto 1

Initially we were drawn to Orvieto for the great wine. We did buy a few bottles of the classico. But there was much else of interest in this old hill town. The Duomo, with its great reliefs and Signorelli frescoes will require its own posts.
Orvieto on approach, the great cathedral to the right, the city
center in the, um, center; we found the camper-stop at the
train station below the city and took the funicular up to it

These sorts of scenes everywhere


Towers everywhere

13th century municipal building, still in use

Alleys like this all over, with buttresses and
arches between them

Pasta in the shapes of Italy's great monuments; at olive oil
tastings, we quickly figured out, you get free wine and bread and
cheese and olive spreads, and olive oil, too

The big clock tower

Vicki in the big main piazza

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