Sunday, May 22, 2011

More, Or Less, St. Peter's

So it was Saturday and we figured the great church might be free of Masses for a while...think again, Pagan Breath...
The Beatification stuff was still everywhere; note use of the
Piazza for a tour bus parking lot

We fell in line right behind a group of nuns and friends from
Croatia, singing and chanting all the way; I was actually moved
(slightly) by their evident emotion

Looking across the great Piazza

We did get to see the new JP2 Beato shrine

Up closer

But they were already beginning to mass for
another Mass, and it was clear that we would
not see the forecastle and bow on this trip; I
did take some consolation in passing through
the north-side west doors and their apparent
instruction manual on how to persecute

On our way out we visited the JP2 exposition, which I found
quite informative and enjoyable

A collection of JP2's many books; I guess he didn't have much
of a problem with agents or editors or publishers

And so we left, but not without promenading
one more time through Bernini's four-deep
colonnade, one of the grandest of architectual

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