Sunday, May 22, 2011

Capitoline Museum I

Rome has a dozen or more world-class museums, and even on this more or less extended visit, we saw only a few. The Capitoline Museum is one of the great ones, and after considerable heavy editing, I will limit myself to just two posts on it.

Steps leading up to the Capitoline Hill, the Piazza
Campidoglio; the great Capitoline Museum flanks the Piazza

Inside, the great bronze statue of Marcus
Aurelius (and his horse); the largest equine
statue of antiquity

Bust of an Amazon; winner of a scultpure
contest in Ephesus

Beautiful marble caryatids

Tablets listing consuls (the CEOs of the Republic) over the

The very, very famous 5th century BCE bronze she-wolf (the
twins are a Renaissance addition)

Boy removing thorn from foot, also very famous

Another Artemis from Ephesus, but a
particularly beautiful one

The Emperor Commodus dressed as (his hero)

Fragment of the immense bronze sculpture of
Constantine that once stood in the Forum; a
hand and two feet also survive

Interestingly, the Capitoline also has a fair
number of paintings, and not Roman; this is the
very famous and (to some) controversial self-
portrait of of Velazquez, who worked in Rome
for a time; I'm skipping the Caravaggio....

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