Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vatican Pinacoteca

We only had an hour and a half left for the Pinacoteca, the painting galleries, and a long list of must-see items from the lectures we have been watching on the history of western art. Here are just a few, plus a few we liked in addition to those on the list.

Giotto, of course

A 14th century resurrection scene, fish returning body parts
from the sea

One of several fresco fragments of Melosozzo da
Forti, Angel Playing the Lute

Domenichino's Last Communion of St. Jerome

Caravaggio's Deposition

Guido Reni's St. Matthew and the Angel--the
best of the Matthews, I think

Reni's La Fortuna

Barocci's Rest on the Flight to Egypt

Peter Wenzel's Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

The great spiral staircase at the Museums exit; the end of a
great day, well worth waiting for

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