Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sistina Cappella

The Sistine Chapel was crowded as usual, but we found places to sit, study our guidebooks and gaze at the ceiling and walls with our monocular and binoculars. I am almost too embarrassed to post my poor pix because: a) there is a host of excellent ones at the Vatican Museums site and also all over the web, and b) because the Sistine Chapel has an enforced no pix policy. There are always a few guards patrolling the room, indelicately shushing everyone down to a low roar and shouting "no photos" every few minutes. Always in English. As soon as their backs are turned, the cameras resume until some moron who doesn't know how to turn the flash off blasts the ceiling again.

The famous ceiling frescoes

The one photo everyone gets

The last judgment; I like my last judgments more on the lurid
side, so I am not a big fan of this one; nor of Michaelangelo
generally; the last judgment was done many years after the
ceiling and after the 1527 Sack of Rome, officially, the end
of the Renaissance, in Italy at least; everyone was in a bad
mood; later Popes had clothes painted on Michaelangelo's

Up closer; this guy was damned for reading
too many eye charts

Love those grotesque mid-turn poses; Daniel

The Delphic Sibyll, one we like

The side frescoes were done a generation earlier (than
Michaelangelo) by Botticelli and others; here, the temptations
of Christ
Handing over the keys to St. Peter
Side frescoe detail; another Holy Circumcision; yes, I have
read David Farley's An Irreverent Curiosity: In Search of
the Church's Strangest Relic in Italy's Oddest Town, actually a
very good book

We had lunch at the Sistine Bar; alas, it was
Friday, so no cheeseburger; also no beer, but
the expresso was OK

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