Friday, April 8, 2011

Mishap Sunday, II: Trastevere

We left St. Peter's Square and headed down Via Conciliazione--built after Italy and the Vatican finally had made nice in the 20th century (thank you, Prime Minister Mussolini)--in search of a bus back to the metro and our campground. Defeated. But, despite or because of some bad advice/directions, we never did find the bus stop, and so continued on to the Tiber. At this point, Vicki became determined to rehabilitate at least part of the day, by visiting the Villa Farnese and its Rafaels.
So this time of year, Via Conciliazione is decked out in
bronze sculptures of the way and stations of the Cross; and
with Crucifixion re-enactors 

Roman soldier Crucifixion re-enactors

Possibly would rather be somewhere else; maybe a Viking
ship or Wagnerian opera

Castle San Angelo; originally Hadrian's Tomb; later a hide-
out for besieged popes

Photo-shoot on the Tiber


Tiber nearly at flood

Roman pizza, sold by the slice/kilo; a very, very, very, very
distant second to Neapolitan; more mishap

Sans guidebook (we had carried only the pages
for the Vatican Museums) we headed on to the
Villa Farnese, planning to see the Rafaels

Chiuso domenica e festivi; duh...; still
hoping to save some of the day, we headed
on further, into the Medieval warren/former
Jewish ghetto of Trastevere

Street scene in Trastevere


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