Wednesday, April 6, 2011


After many pleasant days at Camping Spartacus in Pompei, we finally broke camp and headed north, through Naples, and on to Caserta and its Royal Palace.
We've seen many royal palaces, but Caserta was among the
very best

Stark from the outside, but glorious and authentic within

Starting with the grand staircase, all pink marble, domes and
other features of which no lens can capture

Another double-barrel shotgun house, but
even larger and grander than Capodimonte

In the royal nursery


King's bedroom

As it looked in the good old days

Queen's bath

Throne room

Not a lot of great art here--mostly original furnishings of
interest--but who can resist the flamenco cherub band?

Nice in-laid marble table

Shotgun view of second floor

Corner of library, with interesting display case

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