Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Day In San Francisco

Wedding Week got into high gear Wednesday with the arrival of Rachel and Will, Stacey, and Carole and Lexi. On Thursday, June 10, Vicki and I and Carole and Lexi and Stacey embarked on a day-long tour of San Francisco highlights.
Our tour started at the, um, interesting house we had rented
in Half Moon Bay
We actually saw and did Lombard Street, but, alas, my
camera malfunctioned much of the day; pictured above, of
course, is Ghiradelli Square, where we had, what else, hot
Down the street was the Buena Vista, whose Irish coffee we
eschewed (it being early in the day); but we did later ride the
cable car

And of course we did visit Fishermans' Wha
And saw one Bay Cruise you do not want to take
And The Rock (Alcatraz)
And the seals at Pier 39; and chowder at Boudin's for
some; In and Out burgers for others
Carole and Lexi at the Tomb of the Unknown Seal
Turning the cable car
Transamerica Tower from Chinatown,
where we spent a good bit of time
Rotunda of the downtown shopping center where we
shopped and dined; OK, it's not Galeries Lafayette

The city from the Golden Gate viewing area

And, the Golden Gate; it was now past ten,
actually, past 1 AM for the eastern time
zone crowd, and some were asleep before
we crossed the brige back to town; all in
all, a pretty action-packed and sight-filled

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