Monday, February 8, 2010

Sagrada Familia

Friday morning we took the tram/Metro back
into the old city for a long look at the
Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi church that has
been under construction since 1882; no one
knows when it will be finished, but already
it is one of the great religious buildings, and,
when finished, it certainly will eclipse most
of the rest (Vicki calls it the Sangria Family);
the towers, 12 of them altogether, are about
100m tall

A glimpse of what the stained glass will
look like

Cranes everywhere

Jesus of the bridge...ascending (interestingly,
Gaudi's angels have no wings; he maintained
that the wings conventionally ascribed to
them could not have supported flight (no
dorsal guiding feathers?))

Love the fruit and vegetable look on the


As I said, they have no problem with rebar here

And still a long way to go...

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