Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ramblin' On the Rambla In Barcelona

Part of the huge Plaza de Catalona

Bird stalls on the Rambla

In the Bouqeteria, the market

I love markets; but then I also love hiper/super mercados too

Note the knife this woman is wielding

The egg store

The candy store; well, one of them

One of the two or three obligatory activities in Barcelona is a stroll down the Rambla, the broad boulevard that goes from the Plaza de Catalona down to the harbor and the Columbus monument. We did this Wednesday afternoon and evening, seeing the Rambla both by day and night. We also did a bit of the Passeig de Gracias and the somethng-or-other de Angels and also a bit of the Gotic area. Lots of walking. Great, super-great city.

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